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A whaling run takes a turn for the worse when a fearless captain and her small crew of whale-hunters encounter a far more ancient and horrible evil.

Note: It hopefully goes without saying, but this is probably not safe for work.

For most of 2016, I worked on this project with my good friend and fellow animator dude Nathan Campbell. The idea was conceived quite a while ago (a couple years at least), but in early 2016 we decided to take a break from the serious work stuff to make something weird. Several beers into an intense conversation about the merits of personal projects, art, and self fulfillment, we decided this story is what we needed. I tell you what, it was quite a night when we got together to sketch ideas for the end.

This is the first project of our our new collaborative effort,, and we're super proud of what we were able to accomplish. Thanks so much to those who helped us through the long process. Personal endeavors are often plagued by delays from real life. This was no exception.

Along the way, the film has gathered some accolades:

Vimeo Staff Pick
Winner - Best Experimental Film - Animation Block Party 2017
Official Selection - Annecy Animation Film Festival 2017
Official Selection - Brooklyn Film Festival 2017
Official Selection - Golden Kuker Sofia 2017
Official Selection - Walla Walla Movie Krush 2017
Official Selection - World Festival of Animated Film, Varna 2017
Official Selection - Athens Animfest 2017
Official Selection - Animatricks 2017
Official Selection - Anima Brussels 2018
Official Selection - Mecal 2018
Official Selection - Anima Sivo 2017
Official Selection - Encounters 2017
Feature - Wine After Coffee
Feature - IceCreamHater
Feature - Fandependent Films

Below you'll find a hodge podge of style frames and process gifs.


Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects

Photoshop, After Effects

Photoshop, After Effects

Direction: Nathan Campbell, Alec Cummings
Project Management: Maria Henriksen
Animation: Nathan Campbell, Junyoung Chung, Alec Cummings, Carlos Tsoi, Angela Yu
Music: Il Trovatore - Anvil Chorus by Guiseppe Verdi
Special Thanks: Jonathan Corriveau, Conner Jones, Jen Flaxman 2016