Alec Cummings | Design & Motion

Hippie Modernism

Hippie Modernism - The Struggle for Utopia

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is bringing the spirit of the ’60s into the tech age. 

Working with the motion department at Goody Silverstein & Partners, I was able to brush up my 3D modelling, animation, and compositing chops with this fun piece for the UC Berkeley Art Museum. This video was released along side a colorful exhibit and a cool augmented reality app that allows you to place the hearts you see in the video in the air around you with a little message.

Due to GS&P's esteem in the ad world, the campaign was featured on a few popular creative publications, including Adweek and Creativity-Online.

Below you'll find a bit of the compositing process. It's always fun trying to get 3D stuff to look good in real world environments.


Client: UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
Brand: Hippie Modernism Exhibit
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairman: Rich Silverstein
Creative Director: Jeff Gillette
Art Director: Florian Marquardt
Copywriter: Kurt Mills
Associate Design Director: Angie Elko
Audio Engineer: Nicholas Dematteo
Photographer: Quinn Gravier

Design: Maria Vaquero, Kelly Malka
Motion Creative Director: Mike Landry
Motion Artist: Natasha Candelaria, Karim Fawzy, Alec Cummings
Director of Production: Margaret Brett-Kearns
Associate Technology Director: Andre Cardozo
Creative Technologist: August Bjornberg
Executive Post Producer: John Dutton
Producer: Alison Plansky
Editor: David Sullivan