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AirBnb - Love

AirBnB - Love

An interesting situation arose when I was working on a completely different project with Oddfellows where I was asked to help with a bit of animation for the start of this wonderful piece. I'm happy to have been able to flesh out a few ideas to help in a small way to make this spot what it is.

Client: Airbnb

Directed by: Oddfellows

Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Art Direction: Kenesha Sneed
Producer: Jen Szeto
Design: Kenesha Sneed, Sarah Beth Hulver, Allen Laseter, Colin Trenter
Animation: Jordan Scott, Josh Parker, Stan Cameron, Kavan Magsoodi, Khylin Woodrow, Allen Laseter, Alec Cummings
Music: Sono Sanctus